Best Watch Strap Reviews

If you have made it to this page, then you know the value of quality strap. You might also be a “WIS”, these two combined almost guarantees you have a strap problem. There is no known cure, except to buy another strap to ease the pain! A leather strap is one of those items bought in life that you tend to get exactly what you pay for. If you are sporting a watch you care about, the least you can do is buy it a nice new pair of “shoes”. 

List Of Other Best Strap Makers

  1. TC Straps/Mario Paci (, – high quality straps
  2. Rob Montana/The Strap Smith ( – high quality straps
  3. Ted Su Fine Straps ( – high quality straps 
  4. Savage Straps ( – nice mid range price point
  5. StrapCulture ( – nice mid range price point
  6. Cool Watch Straps ( – mid & low range price points
  7. Panatime ( – low price point 
  8. Don Straps ( – low price point

Vintager Straps by Micah

Micah from Vintager Straps (, not only makes a fantastic handmade strap, he also stands behind his work 100%. If you are looking for a strap that is truly vintage, Micah routinely has multiple vintage Mauser ammo pouches to choose from. Micah makes all his straps himself, ensuring a top quality strap from start to finish.  

Having one the best returns policies I have ever read, potential customers only need to read his guarantee to feel comfortable purchasing a strap from Micah. Here is an excerpt from the guarantee posted on Micah’s site, “If your strap ever gets ruined or fails for any reason I will replace it expediently and free of charge. This guarantee includes: Use, misuse, abuse, exposure, the need to burn your strap for warmth, your dog eating it in a fit of rage… whatever. If it’s ruined I will replace it, no questions asked (unless the story sounds interesting).”, amazing! Micah also has great follow through from time of purchase to completion. Even emailing a picture of the final product for you to salivate over until the strap arrives! Why is Micah one of the best strap makers? Because he is passionate about watches and his craft, this shines through on the final product.

Toshi Straps by Rich

 Rich from Toshi Straps ( hand stitches all his straps to order. A watch collector himself, Rich started making straps for Panerai watches, but has also built an excellent reputation for understanding how to make a custom strap for brands that are known for their small clearance between the case and the strap/spring bars, like Anonimo. While these watches are inherently difficult for thicker custom made straps, if you make him aware of the watch the strap is destined for Rich will address this issue while making your strap.

Rich uses a tried and true stitch pattern, explained on his site why he believes his method works the best, “There are few things worse than having a well loved watch strap fall apart on you. With many straps sewn by machine, if a stitch gets cut or torn it can quite quickly lead to the stitching unravelling, and often the end of the straps life. I decided that all my watch straps would be hand stitched to prevent this happening, and so all Toshi straps are hand stitched using a method which double stitches the strap to prevent unravelling.”. A more detailed description about the thread and stitching used can be found at under “stitching”. Customers can be comfortable knowing they are getting one of the best handmade straps for their watch, at an extremely reasonable price. Like any great strap maker, Rich has excellent communication from start to finish. Even provides a tracking number once shipped, making the anticipation of your watch’s new shoes even more suspenseful!