Best Watch Winder Reviews

1. Spin-R Single Watch Winder Review

  • Winder: Single
  • Winder Finish: 8 Options
  • TPD: 650-1800
  • Rotational Direction: All
  • Cushion: Locks Securely
  • LCD Screen: Yes 
  • Backlight: Yes 
  • AC Adapter: Yes
  • Battery Provided: Yes
  • Eco-Friendly: Yes

Spin-R was kind enough to send W&R a single winder for review. Upon arrival W&R was very impressed with the well thought out packaging of the winder. The winder was presented in an eco-friendly box and very securely packaged. Opening up a silky satchel revealed a candy apple single watch winder. Spin-R offers the single winder in 8 total different chooses. Red is fun and different, a pleasant surprise. The Spin-R winder can run on either an AC adapter or a battery. Keeping with the eco-friendly theme, the battery is a LiFeP04 that Spin-R claims is the safest and most eco-friendly in the industry.

All that sounds great, but does the Spin-R winder function and operate good enough to make it a complete package? Yes, it most certainly does! One thing W&R was very impressed with was how straight forward the winder is and the variety of options. From the LCD screen, you can control the number of turns per day (TPD), clockwise, counterclockwise, or bidirectional, with a simple push of a button. Very impressive TPD options, which range from 650-1800. These can be increased or decreased in increments of 50 TPD. The LCD screen also has a backlight that stays on for 85 seconds when using the AC adaptor or 30 seconds using the battery.

  This is an extremely well thought out winder and Spin-R separates its self from the competition in W&R opinion with the watch cushion/holder. This is one of the most overlooked aspects of a winder and in W&R opinion the most important. Where to start! First, for those of you that have large watches, you will appreciate the fact the cushion “locks” into place. Top heavy watches do not fall out of place, a common pitfall for the large dive watch lovers out there. Furthermore, the cushion is spring loaded to make a firm fit inside the bracelet/strap. With most other winders it is tough to fit those big leather straps that some of us love into the winder, like fitting a size 12 foot in 10 size shoe. Not an issue with Spin-R, do to the deep cushion holder and the spring loaded cushion keeping the bracelet/strap more elongated. Spin-R also provides a smaller cushion for a women’s watch. 

  W&R put the winder through its paces for over a week and found the winder to keep the movements wound as they should be and did it quietly. Yes, quietly. For those who have purchased “inexpensive” winders, you will most certainly appreciate this. 

The Spin-R single winder converts to about $245 US. This is actually extremely reasonable in “watch winder world” give the LCD screen, TPD options, awesome watch holder/cushion, and quite motor. W&R has not seen anything at this price point (MSRP) so far that offers all these features. Spin-R is relatively new in the watch winder market and is making quite an entrance with this offering, they have also released a dual watch winder. Nicely done, very impressed.

2. Wolf Viceroy Module 2.7 Double Watch Winder Review

Wolf Designs has crafted a small master piece with the Viceroy Module 2.7 Double Watch Winder. The winder has a lot of great new features to keep your favorite timepieces wound to your liking. It can be set from 300 TPD’s (turns per day) up to 1,200 TPD in increments of 50. It has independent directional control for each winder, A = clockwise, B = counterclockwise, and C = bi-directional. Unlike some previous modules with a 12 hour start delay, the Viceroy 2.7 has a delayed start that can be set from 6-72 hours.

A great new feature is the backlit LCD display that powers on for 10 seconds if a nob is turned or the chrome plate is touched. The LCD displays how many rotations are remaining for the daily cycle. How cool is that?! The new “snug fit” cuffs connect inside the drum. This new feature will help keep watches from working themselves out of the drum and keeps larger watches from moving. There is storage on top level for up to three additional watches, technically four if one was put in the removable travel case. 

There is no shortage of watch collectors that initially buy an “inexpensive” winder to save money. Only to end up buying a quality winder there after. Ultimately, spending more money than just buying a good reputable winder to start with. This Wolf 2.7 Module and the new features make it one of the best winders at this price point.

3. Orbita Sparta 1 Mini Winder Review

Orbita is known for their high quality winders and extremely quite motors. Orbita  winders are also American made with a great reputation. The Sparta 1 Mini will not disappoint. Orbita has a wide range of prices on their winders, this one is very affordable. The best feature about the Sparta 1 Mini winder is the slow six revolutions per hour, equating to one revolution in 10 minutes! This slow and constant rotation will literally keep most any type of watch movement wound. Amazingly, this winder is powered by an AC adapter and able to maintain the slow revolution. Another advantage to this slow revolution is that it is virtual silent. Considering the technology, reliability, and quite motor, this is one of the best watch winders at this price point. A nice compact winder to keep on your nightstand! 

It should be noted there is a huge difference between a quality winder and cheap winder. Save your money and buy a nice winder first. Many people end up buying a higher quality winder after the cheap one fails, which cost more money in the long run.

4. Wolf Designs Module 2.0 Winder Review

Wolf Designs is another very well respected watch winder manufacturer. The Wolf Module 2.0 has a watch winder and storage for two additional watches. This rock solid winder winds in 3 different setting choices. It will rotate clockwise, counter-clockwise, or bi-directionally. Giving the end user many options depending on what type of movement is in the watch. For example, a Valjoux 7750 needs to be wound clockwise. In a 24 hour span, the winder will run on and off for 7 hours and then rest for 17 hours. One of the best options on the Module 2.0 is a 12 hour delay switch, the winder will begin the initial cycle 12 hours later. This is a nice feature when the watch is already fully wound.

This is a stylish, yet practical winder option. Especially, for those with more than one watch, the storage comes in handy. If there is a vacant spot in the top storage it can be a nice place to keep extra straps as well. All this makes the Module 2.0 one of the best winders on the market.