Orbita is known for their high quality winders and extremely quite motors. Orbita  winders are also American made with a great reputation. The Sparta 1 Mini will not disappoint. Orbita has a wide range of prices on their winders, this one is very affordable. The best feature about the Sparta 1 Mini winder is the slow six revolutions per hour, equating to one revolution in 10 minutes! This slow and constant rotation will literally keep most any type of watch movement wound. Amazingly, this winder is powered by an AC adapter and able to maintain the slow revolution. Another advantage to this slow revolution is that it is virtual silent. Considering the technology, reliability, and quite motor, this is one of the best watch winders at this price point. A nice compact winder to keep on your nightstand!  

It should be noted there is a huge difference between a quality winder and cheap winder.

Save your money and buy a nice winder first. Many people end up buying a higher quality winder after the cheap one fails, which cost more money in the long run.