Vintage Tudor Snowflake Submariner

When searching for a Rolex Submariner there are many models you might come across, which are similar in design.  There is one, however, that is much more similar than the rest:  The Tudor Submariner.  For those who don’t know much about the Tudor Sub there are actually little differences between the design of the Tudor and Rolex models.  The most obvious difference is the snowflake hour hand.  Less obvious might be the ETA movements that were used instead of the in-house Rolex movements. 

The Tudor Snowflake Submariner is arguably one of the most stylish of vintage Tudors.  It definitely makes my list of top vintage watches.  For anyone who likes the Submariner, you might have to do a double take on this vintage.  With the exception of the in-house Rolex movement, this vintage Tudor Submariner shares a number of features with the Rolex Submariner.

The History behind the Tudor Submariner 

When you look at the history behind this classic timepiece it is no wonder why the Rolex and Tudor submariner models are so similar.  Tudor’s parent company, Rolex, contributed to the case, bracelet and overall design of the watch.  This Snowflake Submariner has the original dial and snowflake hour hand.  The case has some slight signs of wear but nothing major.   The black dial and bezel give a desired look that fits just about any style.

For those who like the look of a Submariner but want something more unique this is a great contender.  For anyone searching for a Rolex Submariner watch you can get great values by purchasing a pre-owned Rolex Submariner by visiting a trusted online dealer.

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